Caring for the environment
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Caring for the environment

Sustainable development with care for the environment around us is the key element of the long-lasting success of our company. We strive to make the renewable Energy more accessible and the technology safer, cleaner and economical.

That is why NORDflam creates its products with ECO-FRIENDLY philosophy at heart.

The ECODESIGN 2022 EU Directive for fireplace inserts, stoves and other heating devices’ emission, coming live on 1st January 2022 significantly increases the requirements on reduction of harmful side effects of heating sources’ use (limits Particle Matters emission, organic compounds, nitrous oxides and carbon oxide) and at the same time increases the energy efficiency of the said devices.

Meeting these requirements, NORDflam has adjusted the fireplace inserts and stoves in the assortment to fulfil these severe environmental restrictions and requirements. We offer exceptional, high-quality products, minimising its harmful substances emissions to the atmosphere because, apart from our customers’ satisfaction, environment safety and car eis one of our top priorities.

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