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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The Regulations

The hereby document comprises the integral part of the website regulations 

Privacy policy

Hereby privacy policy has been adopted pursuant to Article 13 of European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (EU Journal of Laws No. L 119/1 of 4.5.2016; referred hereafter as GDPR). The aim of this policy is to implement the information obligations under Article 13 and 14 of GDPR.


The contents of the hereby policy includes:

1)       We, NORDFLAM HS sp. z o. o., the administrator, the Collector - NORDFLAM HS sp. z o. o., with its registered seat in Cieszyn, at ul. Mikołaja Kopernika 2C, 43-400 Cieszyn, registered in KRS (Register of entrepreneurs number) 0000998316, NIP (Tax number) 548-23-34-149, REGON: 072720741

2)       You, Your – persons that personal data is processed by NORDFLAM HS sp. z o. o.


2. Who is the data Collector? 

The Collector is the person setting the aims and means of data processing. The Collector of Your personal data is NORDFLAM HS sp. z o.o.

3. What personal data is processed? 

In relations to conducted business activity, we process in particular personal data of: our contractors who are natural persons (including: customers, suppliers etc.), sub-contractors indicated by the said contractors (including: sale representatives, persons indicated as responsible in realisation of common projects, drivers etc.), persons we maintain correspondence with (including: persons filing claims in regards to our products or services), persons allowed to enter our premises, work candidates, graduates or trainees, employees and persons in legal relationships with employees (including children, family members etc.). The scope of processing personal data is adequate to its purposes.

4. Why do we process personal data? 

Your personal data may be processed for the following reasons: 

1)        executions of entered agreements or undertaking actions to enter the agreement upon your request (based on Art. 6 point 1 letter b of GDPR).In such a case the data is processed for the duration of the agreement and the period required to fulfil all the rights and requirements arising from thereof.

2)        execution of other legal requirements, in particular for the tax law, provisions on accounting and archiving, provisions on anti-money laundering, provisions on social security etc. (Art. 6 point 1 letter c of GDPR). The duration of processing is determined by the provisions that create the basis of the relevant obligation.

3)        Realising our legitimate interest (Art. 6 point 1 letter  f of GDPR) – on:

3.1.  direct marketing of our products or services,

3.2.  creating data analyses and statistics – covering in particular marketing research, trade data analysis, planning service developments etc.,

3.3.  establishing, recovery and protection against claims,

3.4.  conducting correspondence by all known means and technologies, including: traditional post, electronic correspondence (e-mail) or other methods of communication (for example internet communicators and messengers etc.),

3.5.  establishing telephone contacts,

3.6. initiating and maintaining business contacts,

3.7.  correct display of our internet websites,

3.8.  monitoring our premises with CCTV – in scope necessary to provide security to persons and property located in the premises of our buildings and maintaining secrecy of information disclosure of may be harmful, 

In aforementioned cases in point 3, the data is processed for the duration of legal interest it was created for. In particular: (I) the marketing activities shall be conducted until filing relevant objection and (II) CCTV recordings shall be stored no longer than for 3 months, unless specified otherwise in relevant provisions of law. 

4)        Your data may be processed for other purposes, based on relevant consent, expressed voluntarily, in full awareness and unambiguously (Art. 6 point 1 letter a of GDPR). The consent is in particular the basis of processing certain data for recruitment (included in a CV etc). 

In such a case: (I) the data is processed for the entire duration adequate to the purpose if the relevant consent, (II) you are entitled to withdraw the consent at any time, and the shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. 

5. Is it necessary to provide personal data?

You are under no obligation to provide personal data. Nevertheless, the rejection may cause impossibility to enter or execution of the agreement or fulfilling other obligations or activities (such as sending correspondence, participating in recruitment etc.)

6. Can the data be transferred to automated processes on decision-making, including “qualified” profiling?

At present we do not perform any operations leading to automated processes of decision-making legally binding or significantly legally influencing its addressees. In case of implementing such operations related to data processing we shall ensure its compatibility with the relevant provisions of las, including Article 22 of GDPR.


7. Who can we share your personal data with?

Your personal data may be shared with third parties only when we are legally bound or authorised by relevant provisions of law. The recipients of personal data may include, in particular:

1)     entities processing the data, including:

1.1.   persons administrating our infrastructure and information systems and utilising unnecessary documentation or data drives,

1.2.    sub-contractors participating in execution of obligations and commitments towards you,

1.3.    persons providing services in connection to executing or improving the sales process (payment intermediary, couriers, carriers, marketing agencies, warranty experts),

1.4.    persons providing audition or advising services – for example legal advice, tax advice or accounting advice. 

2)     other administrators and collectors including:

2.1.   public authorities entitled to as for necessary personal data,

2.2.    other entities – when the character of realised services to us causes that the indicated entities may independently set the aims and means of data processing and as such become the collectors of personal data. It may refer to, in particular, banks, couriers and carriers, or entities cooperating with us for accounting, tax and legal obligations.,

2.3.    Liabilities Assignor – when we decide to assign the liabilities, in particular when significant payment defaults occurred. 

We shall not disclose your personal data to persons and/or entities not entitled to its processing..

8. Can your personal data be transferred outside if European Economic Area (EEA)? 

Your personal data may be transferred outside of European Economic Area. In each case, the data shall be secured and required by general provisions of law, in particular by using standard contractual clauses (SCC).

9. What rights are you entitled to in connection to personal data processing?

You can send us a request, in particular, to:

1)    access the data processed by us (including: information on processing or sending the copy of the data),

2)    correct the data,

3)    limit its processing (stopping operations on the data or not deleting the data),

4)    delete the data („the right to be forgotten”),

5)    transfer the data to other collectors.

Abovementioned requrests may be sent, in particular, as described in point 13 below, and shall be considered in accordance to the relevant provisions of las, including Atricle15-20 of GDPR.

10. The right to object 

Irrelevant of the abovementioned provisions, you are entitled to file an object to processing the data, arising from our legitimate interest. In such a case:

1)    if the personal data is processed for marketing purposes – we shall immediately stop the processing,

2)   if the basis for the processing is an interest of other nature – we shall stop the processing unless we shall prove that: a) the aforementioned interest is superior to your interest, rights or freedoms or b) the basis for establishing, recovery and protection against claims.

The right to object may be realised in particular by sending the necessary notice, as described in point 13 below.

11. Complaint with supervising authority

When you consider that your individual data processing infringe the relevant provisions of law, you are entitled to file the claim to the relevant supervising authority i.e. Data Protection Authority.

12. The place of publication and updating the privacy policy

Hereby privacy policy may be periodically updated. The current version of the policy is accessible from our internet website:

13. How can you contact us?

In case of questions related to the use of your personal data by our company, please contact us via phone, email or post:

 NORDFLAM HS  sp. z o.o. ul. Mikołaja Kopernika 2C, 43-400 Cieszyn
- with annotation of  „personal data protection”




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