Website regulations
Website regulations

Website regulations



§ 1
General terms

1.    Hereby regulations define the terms and conditions of use of the Service by its Users.

2.    The following terms used in the regulations mean as follows:

Cookies – means any informatic data, in particular small text files, saved and stored on the devices used to access the Service.
Own Cookies – means Cookies used by NORDFLAM HS, connected to provision of services by electronic means of communication by NORDFLAM HS via the Service.
External Cookies – means Cookies placed by third parties, via the Service.
a)    NORDFLAM HS sp. z o. o. with the registered seat at Mikołaja Kopernika 2C, 43-400 Cieszyn, KRS (Register of entrepreneurs number) 0000998316, NIP (Tax number) 548-23-34-149, REGON: 072720741,
email address:, tel. no. +48 33 852 15 06.

b)    Regulations – hereby regulations.

c)    Service – internet website of NORDFLAM HS sp. z o. o., The Service includes, in particular, information on the scope of offered products and services as well as contact details.

d)    Device – means an electronic device used to access the Service by the User.

e)    User – the person accessing and using the Service. 


Services provided by electronic means of communication

NORDFLAM HS sp. z o. o. provides the Users, via its Service, the possibility to use the following, gratuitous services by electronic means of communication

 (Act of 18th June 2002 on services provided by electronic means of communications, Journal of Laws No. 2017 item 1219):

a)    providing the contents of the Service,

b)    sending messages to NORDFLAM HS sp z o. o.– by means of the contact form included in the Service.

2.    In order to use the abovementioned services, the User should use: the device allowing for the Internet access, with Operating system, the Internet connection and the required software (the internet browser).

3.   Entering into agreement on providing the services described in §2 point. 1 shall take place by the User requesting the relevant, individual demand of data transfer via the telecommunication network (that may occur pursuant to §2 point 1 letter a by opening the internet website of the Service and on other services indicated in §2 point 1 by filling and accepting the relevant contact form within the Service). The agreements terminate after its conclusions, and in case of continuous services after the termination by the Party at any given time. The required notice may be sent to NORDFLAM HS sp. z o. o. by the User via the electronic email service to

4. is constructed for the purposes of presenting the production and marketing offer of the Provider, and is considered to only illustrate and approximate the products and services. In particular, the Provider indicates that:

a)    the Service does not contain any offers within the scope of Civil Law provisions.

b)    the current products offer of the Provider may differ from the catalogue presented within the Service, for technical, functional and aesthetical parameters. For the current product offer and technical parameters please contact the company or its representative directly.

5.    The user agrees not to use the Service in a distorting way, by using malware in particular.

6.    If dissatisfied with the Service functionality, the User may file a claim via email, to The User shall be informed by the means of processing the complaint to the email address the claim was sent from, within 14 days from receiving the claim by NORDFLAM HS.


Cookie files policy

1.   NORDFLAM HS, by using the Cookies, store on the User’s Device the information or obtains the access to the information already stored on terms specified in the Regulations below.

2.   NORDFLAM HS uses the following types of Cookie files:

a)    session Cookies: are stored on the User’s Device and remain there until the end of the session of the browser. Information saved is permanently deleted from the storage memory of the Device.

b)    permanent  Cookies: are stored on the User’s Device and remain there until its deletion. Finishing the session of an internet browser does not delete it from the User’s Device.

3.   NORDFLAM HS uses Own Cookies for the purpose of adjusting the Service preferences and the requirements of the User, in particular the type of the Device used by the User to access the Service.

4.   NORDFLAM HS uses External Cookies to create summary statistics and analyses for monitoring the ways of accessing the Service by the Users, that allows for optimising the Service to the User’s needs and requirements. Within this scope, NORDFLAM HS uses:

a)    Google Analytics – where, in the moment of accessing, the Service reads, writes and sends to the secured server the information on the User based in their IP. Google Analytics does not collect any personal data. Further information on this service are available on Google website.

5.   Using Cookies by NORDFLAM HS does not generate any configurational changes on the User’s Devices and in the software installed thereof.

6.   The User may limit or disable the Cookies access to their Devices in the internet browser’s settings or by configuring the service, in particular, to block the automatic Cookies operations  or by informing on any placing cookie files on the User’s Device. Further information on possibilities and ways of using Cookies are available in the software settings ( of the internet browser). The description of the necessary activities may be found on the producer’s websites, for example, np:

a)  Mozilla Firefox

b)  Google Chrome

c)  Microsoft Edge

7.   The User may delete the Cookie files anytime.

8.   Tje limitations on using Cookies or deleting the existing cookie files may impact the functionality of the Service. 


Final provisions

1.    The processing regulations of NORDFLAM HS are stated in the privacy policy, available on

2.    All the trade names, product names, internet website content of (texts, pictures, photos, graphics) and any of its fragments, the company name and the logo of EKKOM, NORDFLAM HS, La Braise, used in the product catalogue are the propriety of the Provider or its contractors and, as such, are protected by law. Using said elements may be only upon written consent of the relevant Parties.

3.    NORDFLAM HS reserves the right to change the provisions of the hereby Regulations. Any changes to the regulations does not infringe the Users’ privileges and rights.


Cookies are used ,on our website for statistical purposes, the statistics of visiting our website and in order to provide correct operation of our website, as well as delivering customised content. Google Analytics software, used for this purpose, saves on the user’s computer a code allowing us for collecting the said data. Click for agree.