Fireplace inserts and stoves warrant energetic safety
News Fireplace inserts and stoves warrant energetic safety

Fireplace inserts and stoves warrant energetic safety

In all of the western Europe countries the biomass, including wood, is considered a Renewable Energy Source (RES). In Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Norway burning wood in high-quality boiler or fireplace insert is considered pro-ecological. Similar to these countries new, rigorous emission norms and standards have been introduced and shall be in force from 1.01.2022 throughout all of the European Union (Ecodesign). At present, installed and used fireplace inserts and stoves adhere to these regulations and norms, what is confirmed by means of researches carried out by certified bodies and laboratories. Stopping its usage leads only to a minimal decrease in hazardous substances and pollution.


      We strongly oppose introducing new prohibitions and limitations on burning dry wood in fireplace inserts and stoves. We also say „NO” to the mistaken and misinterpreted rhetoric of Polish Smog Alarm and correlating modern, ecological heating devices with the source of the smog in our country.

      We demand that the program of air protection, prepared by Atmoterm S.A., commissioned by the authorities of polish voivodships, to include the correct burning emissions from wood in modern fireplace stoves and inserts (complying with Ecodesign criteria). At the moment it is based on the artificially increased and obsolete indicators, adequate for the devices manufactured in 1990s. It is a similar situation to the hypothetical one that might assume that at resent and in the future everyone shall drive combustion engine cars of EURO-1 class (introduced at the beginning of 1990s).

     The present is he time of great uncertainty. Climate crisis, weather anomalies, complicated geopolitical situation and energetical dependency closely connected with it or the recent global pandemics. In the time of inevitable, forthcoming economic crisis we need cheap, ecological means to heat our houses and apartments. We cannot be dependent solely on the supplies of foreign-purchased fuels or be exposed to blackout risks. In modern constructions, where the basic energy sources depends on the supply of electricity, it is advisable and even necessary to obtain proper alternative and the wood-fired fireplace insert or stove will be the most practical solution.

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