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Description of the product:
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NORDflam cast-iron fireplace insert with cast-iron furnace. It is a modern and functional insert that fits not only traditional but contemporary interiors.


Main parameters:
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122 kg Weight
14 kW Rated output
180 mm Exhaust outlet diameter
71 % Heating efficiency
0,14 % CO emission at 13% O2
365 °C Exhaust gas temperature °C
140 m2 Heating area (m2)
682x682x432 mm Dimensions
wood of deciduous trees Fuel type
cast-iron Material
A Energy efficiency class
Parameters ECODESIGN
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61 % Seasonal energy efficiency at 13% O2
118 Organic gaseous carbon (OGC) emission at 13% O2
40 Particle matter (PM) emission at 13% O2
130 Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission at 13% O2
1170 Carbon Oxide (CO) emission at 13% O2
Additional characteristic:
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Deflector - extends the way fumes travel inside the device, increases heat emissions and heat efficiency of the product.
Afterburning - reduces hazardous gases emission into the environment
Air vent adjusts the chimney draught.
prevents the logs from falling out of the insert
withholds the temperature up to 700 °C


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