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Main parameters:
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89 kg Weight
7 kW Rated output
130 mm Exhaust outlet diameter
81,3 % Heating efficiency
0,09 % CO emission at 13% O2
<550 °C Exhaust gas temperature °C
70 m2 Heating area (m2)
879x383x394 mm Dimensions (height, depth, width)
wood of deciduous trees Fuel type
cast-iron Material
A Energy efficiency class
2 years Warranty
90 mm External air supply standard – air inlet diameter
Parameters ECODESIGN
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71,3 % Seasonal energy efficiency at 13% O2
<120 Organic gaseous carbon (OGC) emission at 13% O2
<40 Particle matter (PM) emission at 13% O2
<200 Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission at 13% O2
<1500 Carbon Oxide (CO) emission at 13% O2
Additional characteristic:
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External air supply inlet (CDP) – External air supply
Using external air supply system (CDP) enables the insert independently from the indoor air inside the building. The CDP system can adjust the effectiveness of the insert and lower the hazardous gases emission into the environment. The insert with the CDP system can be used in buildings with mechanical ventilation. The air flows into the furnace via the air inlet placed at the back of the base of the insert. The air inlet can be installed under or at the back of the base.
Deflector - extends the way fumes travel inside the device, increases heat emissions and heat efficiency of the product.
Afterburning - reduces hazardous gases emission into the environment
withholds the temperature up to 700 °C
Recuperation - Adapted for homes with recuperation systems


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